our vision
sustainability sounds excellent


sustainable manufacturing

consistently and well thought-out:
sustainability from cradle to cradle

savings and environmental compatibility

All our products are designed with the future in mind and are therefore suitable for long-lasting use. Every product can be repaired and therefore does not have to be thrown away prematurely. Furthermore, the products can be fully recycled at the end of their life cycle. According to the motto "from cradle to cradle", complete traceability is thus guaranteed.

fair production and handmade

We pay our employees and suppliers fair wages and only work with suppliers who do the same. We rely on Made in Germany and thus avoid unnecessary transport routes. In order to be CO2-neutral where it is unavoidable, we create appropriate compensation and in return support sustainability projects.

We donate 10% of our turnover as a company to development aid projects.

sustainable materials

For our wooden housings we use wood that comes from birch trees. We make sure that the wood comes from a sustainable resource and that why we buy exclusively 100% FSC®-certifiedwood. FSC®-certified wood comes from sustainably managed forests which respect the flora and fauna of the forest, and the people living and working there. For every tree that is cut down, anew tree is planted so that there is constant cycle of new trees that can be used.

When it comes to other components, we use recycled plastic, which was fished out of the sea.The sustainability concept is also consistently applied to our accessories such as the wood glue, screws and cables, all of which do not contain halogens.

This offers more safety for people and the environment in case of fire, as well as protection against toxic reactions and advantages in recycling.

Due to the usage of 100% biologically compatible coatings this material is fully compostable and are a perfect alternative for regular PU-coated speaker-housings. Therefore our loudspeakers are particularly suitable for sustainable building or temporary sound reinforcement applications where sustainability is an requested issue.



the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop a new where few have dared to go

Wale Audio stands for efficiency and environment compatibility, but without compromising sound experience. The integrated electronics comes with an intelligent power save mode, the acoustic design with an extraordinary dispersion, which makes an important contribution towards noise prevention. Our speaker systems point sound in specific directions where it is needed and to leave out areas where it is not needed, which in turn contributes to the well-being of people of all ages.


excellent sound

is more than maximum sound pressure...

The uniqueness of sound lies in the pureness of its nature, in the highly dynamic and unique transparency without coloration as well as the maximum spatial reproduction and tonal depth graduation. The goal of all our developments is the natural reproduction of acoustic instruments plus linear level stability over the widest possible frequency range by using the latest technologies.



the power of less: the fine art of limiting yourself to the essential

Our products are very easy to use but effective in their application! The user can benefit from sophisticated sound tuning and intelligent algorithms that work in the background. This makesthe use of our systems a real "plug and play experience".

We regard our customers and suppliers as partners with whom we want to achieve something together. Our simply and clearly communicated product roadmap is based both on our high sustainability standards and on the needs and requirements of our customers.



means: we follow a one-fits-all approach

Multifunctionality and modularity is the game changer: We exclusively build hybrid products that are suitable for mobile applications as well as for fixed installations. In this way we avoid unnecessary or playful product derivatives and can serve a large part of the required applications with a very small product portfolio. Because our product concept is modular and scalable, our sound reinforcement solutions grow with the requirements of our customers.